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r for them and for you to pack in a place close to for a house so if you have a garden in your home this will be a very wonderful thing because you can make this garden a paradise to your children and spend the happiest The times are inside the house and therefore also it will have a very positive psychological impact on them because this matter will make them relate to the home and the family very strongly as we hear in all the Gulf countries the art of gardening games in the Gulf countries and the games gardens in Saudi Arabia.Certainly, when you go to a place of entertainment for children, you waste a lot of money and time, and also these places will not be safe for the child like home so if you have a garden you should use it to make some inexpensive things and at the same time your children will be happy There are also quite a lot of new and innovative ideas for doing special things for children, such as a small games house in attractive and distinctive colors.It is worth noting that there is a wonderful idea if your child does not like eating fruits or vegetables, you can make him eat it with a simple and wonderful idea by making a very small shop made of wood in the garden of the house, and in this way the child will eat fruit as an amusing game and also you can Making a wonderful swing in the form of a balance and not only that there are very many distinct ideas as it is common in home garden games in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.We do not care about children in the Gulf countries and in Saudi Arabia we will provide advantages and benefit of home garden games.Advantages of a small games group Swings Gardens:An original product covered with a special type of PVC to withstand the external atmosphere.The set contains a slide, a plastic ladder and a play area.There is a plastic ceiling to protect children from the sun.Requires flat and stable surface.Suitable for outdoor yards and spacious gardens.Free installation of this product is available in major cities.Product dimensions: 320 x 240 x 260 cm.Skills that a child acquires from the game:The development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, and leads to the improvement of various skills.A very visually stimulating game for children to learn and enjoy colors.It contributes to teaching new concepts such as gravity and balance, and provides the child with simple engineering information.Fun and ideal interactive game to spend time with family.It helps to relieve the child's excess kinetic energy and harness it into something useful.The integration of physical growth and strengthening of bones and muscles, as well as relieve the body of tension and harmful secretions.Encouraging the child to move and maintain his health, the lack of movement leads to lower levels of fitness.An opportunity to discover the natural environment, take adventures and learn about the community surrounding the child.Spending time in sunny weather may help your child absorb more vitamin D.The child's social interaction and learning strengthens the skill of communicating with others.[...]

فوهات ونزل النوافير

e of spray conditions as prevalent in Saudi Arabia.Voice. Some sprinklers have high water noise. If air-filled sprinklers are used, their effects are silent and silent, such as horn sprinklers.Wind turbulence. Some sprinklers are affected by external forces, such as semi-circular sprinklers. The water film formed by these sprinklers is very thin and cannot be formed under strong winds. It should be noted that the ice tree sprinkler has no effect on the sprinkler effect.The effect of water quality. Some sprinklers are highly affected by water quality, poor water quality, and often clogged, such as dandelion sprinklers, but the effect is very small, such as fountains in Saudi Arabia.Height and pressure. All kinds of nozzles have reasonable and effective injection height. If the side shifts up high, it is better to use a spray of the middle shaft than a direct current spray, because the middle air of the annular flow is thin and the air around it is around the water column so that it is not easy to differentiate. For the sake of safety, the children's playground should choose a low-pressure sprinkler.The dynamics of the water position. Most nozzles are sprayed in a steady direction after installation or adjustment. For example, DC nozzles, there are some dynamic spraying, such as swing and rotating nozzles. Under the influence of mechanical and hydraulic forces, the nozzle movement during spraying is specially designed, and some nozzles advance along a predetermined path. Due to the different designs, the same nozzles can spray different heights that fluctuate one after the other, with a stepless edge speed. The injection course can be injected or even intermittently. The plane offers a water pattern of points, drops, and strings, like intermittent sprinklers, most sprinklers are installed on the surface of the water, but the bubble (foam) sprinkler is installed below the surface of the water. Due to the fluctuation of the water surface, the water position of the jet will fluctuate and fluctuate as it was designed in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.The fountain design, as the spirit of the fountain project overlooking the water, is the most important link in the entire fountain project.The shape of the fountain is determined by the head of the fountain. In fountain design, the key lies in confirming the required fountain head according to the artistic perception expressed by the fountain and considering the conditions for using different fountain heads. At the same time, the fountain head structure, material properties, technology, fountain head weight and surface coating reasons determine the smooth and stable range of the fountain head, which affects the artistic effect of water.After determining the main sprinkler of the fountain water type according to the design concept, consideration should be given to the water pressure, flow rate, sprinkler height and sprinkler diameter of the same type of sprinkler of different models, as well as the type and size of the connecting pipe installation.When designing a fountain, some external factors must be taken into account when choosing fountain nozzles, such as wind power, water quality, spray height and other actual construction site environments.[...]

How can I design a garden that suits my needs?

your needs. Do you want to grow vegetables? Do your kids need space to play? Do you dream of summer afternoons in the yard? Start using the graph paper and draw a plan for the site. Draw everything you want in the garden like trees, shrubs, rocks, and man-made things like pond. You may also need to refer to the sun and shade areas. The terrain on which your house is located, as well as the soil, will affect the final planning of your garden. Unless you're good at using a digger or a chainsaw, it may be best to contact a garden expert to ensure the exterior is consistent with the surrounding environment.What are the features of the garden that increase the value of my home?A well-designed garden will add value to your home and will definitely entice potential buyers. Studies have shown that gardens can boost home value by 4-15%, and give you one of the highest returns on investment of any type of home improvement. Low maintenance plants, well-leafed trees, consistent style, high-quality pavements and a well-kept garden are some of the features that investment experts recommend.If you have a suburban home or a rural area, you have plenty of room. It's impossible to design a large space at once, so you need to split it. Choose an angle and create a relaxing corner, or start with a patio or rooftop. All landscapes need a focal point to attract your eyes to, so make them the starting point. It could be a fountain, a bench or simply some of the flowers around the tree.Can an easy-to-maintain garden be cultivated ?If the garden is well designed, it is easy to care for, whether you want an English garden, a Japanese or a wild garden, so before you start planting, check the weather conditions, light, and soil on site. Trees and shrubs have longevity and will bloom and bloom for years. Look for local plants that suit your area.Bring plants with similar needs together. The assembly simplifies watering, plus it allows plants to shade each other. Create separate borders and botanical gardens to preserve the specified areas. Compost is essential for a beautiful flowering garden.Healthy soil means healthy plants, and healthy plants are easy to care for. Find high-quality fertilizer in your local garden center, or better yet, contact your local municipality for information about compost boxes and rain drums.How to design a wonderful garden on your balcony?Garden design is not as we think in the entrance to the house only, but we have a great opportunity to make the balcony of our house an integrated garden with simple steps and at a low cost and you can implement it yourself without any difficulties, we will provide you with detailed steps to make your balcony from the garden a modern touch that eliminates the absence of An original garden outside your home that makes the balcony a new experience worth owning. In the beginning, you need to create the floors and spaces available on your balcony so that you remove anything and leave it on cement concrete, and then you prepare the walls and install electrical and lighting pipes and places of keys. It is possible to coat the floors with artificial grass and incorporate some natural plants in the vicinity of the fence, and marble steps can be installed in the floors to be an attractive walkway and be chosen in a light color to be visible from all sides and to strike a balance between the control of green and between white in the walls. You can also design a metal trellis and you can design it in wood if desired, it will make a difference in decorating the balcony with shadows and breaking the sunlight as much as possible.How do you design a barbecue in your garden?The outdoor barbecue places in our homes are among the most places that friends and family congregate on a beautiful sunny day to spend the best times together, but there are some people who do not improve the design of such places designated for barbecue or in the sense that the grill design itself in the garden of the house for more than one reason.You can design a grill that fits you in your backyard or garden in general, and this is through some small and simple steps that will enable you to achieve it to the fullest. Barbecue parties need fresh air and ample space to drain smoke resulting from the barbecue process and need a place to prepare food and drinks, so at the beginning you must choose a spacious and comfortable place away from the door for more privacy and has all the necessary ingredients for cooking originally as a water line and another for electricity And light.Secondly, you need to prepare the place and the setting here means that the place is shaded as much as possible so that the presence does not harm the sunlight in the day, rain or any other external factors, so the canopy will protect your guests, so make the barbecue place shaded by a shed according to your taste, and on the other hand make the place wide for the largest number of flow From attending to him without obstacles or embarrassment, such a model is considered open from all sides, so that no one from the audience is restricted in his movement and freedom. For the aesthetic touches of the barbecue place, do not separate from the aesthetic touches in your home décor, use the calm colors to open up the appetite of your generous presence, as well as some antiques and coordination in the dining room and chairs in terms of color, size appropriate for the place and its area, and try to make the place clean and not suggest that it is deserted Whether with dirt on floors or on chairs, this place is part of your home.[...]

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